Wood You Believe It? A Lumberjack's Quest for the Perfect Pellets

Once upon a time, there was a lumberjack who loved barbecuing. He used to use grilling pellets made with the bark on because he thought it would add extra flavor to his food. However, he soon discovered that the wood pellets he was using contained a large amount of ssh content, which is bad for barbecuing.

Ash Content Matters in Grilling Pellets

Ash content refers to the impurities that can be found in wood pellets, such as bark, dirt, and other debris. These impurities can result in poor quality smoke, uneven burning, and a bitter taste in the food.

Despite the negative effects, the lumberjack continued to use the same wood pellets for some time. That is until he discovered Manchester BBQ pellets. He decided to give them a try, and he was amazed by the results.

Manchester BBQ pellets are made with fresh green wood chips as a raw material, which are then processed debarked using a proprietary manufacturing process that minimally dries to the precise moisture content level required for optimal pelletizing. This means that the wood pellets manufactured by Manchester BBQ pellets have the most natural authentic smoke flavor because they don't over dry the product and they minimally process it.

The lumberjack was very happy to try Manchester BBQ pellets because he realized that they were the best option on the market. He loved the fact that Manchester BBQ pellets contain only natural wood, and don't contain any artificial flavoring oils like all the cheap pellets he had tried before.

Manchester BBQ pellets only offer one flavor called the five-star blend, but the lumberjack was very happy with this natural product that actually contained wood and didn't contain any artificial flavoring chemicals. He could finally enjoy the authentic flavor of his barbecued food, without any bitter aftertaste or impurities. From that day forward, he continued to use Manchester BBQ pellets and recommended them to all his friends who loved barbecuing.