Looking for the Best Barbecue Wood Pellets for your Traeger Grill?

Looking for the best barbecue wood pellets for your Traeger grill? Look no further than Manchester Barbecue Pellets, the superior choice for discerning grill masters.

While Traeger is a well-known brand for pellet grills and their accompanying accessories, not all barbecue wood pellets are created equal. Many brands use artificial flavors and chemicals to enhance their pellets, resulting in a less authentic flavor. But at Manchester Barbecue Pellets, we pride ourselves on producing 100% natural pellets, made only from fresh, green wood chips sourced directly from our forestry partners.

What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we are a round log pellet mill and the only one of its kind east of the Mississippi. Unlike other pellet mills that use sawdust and wood shavings, our round log pellet mills use fresh green hardwoods that have been debarked and chipped, resulting in a denser, higher-energy pellet with superior flavor and fewer impurities.

Don't settle for lower quality pellets that may contain cheap filler woods (such as alder or gum tree) and may also contain artificial flavoring chemicals . Choose Manchester Barbecue Pellets for a natural, authentic grilling experience on your Traeger grill.