Traeger Recall Alert: What You Need to Know About the Scout and Ranger Grill Recall

In September 2018, Traeger Grills issued a recall for two of their popular portable wood pellet grills, the Scout and Ranger models, due to a significant fire hazard. This recall impacts approximately 16,100 units sold across various retailers, including Costco and Ace Hardware stores. If you own one of these grills or are considering buying a pellet grill, it's crucial to understand the details and implications of this recall.

Understanding the Hazard

The primary concern with the recalled grills is that grease can leak from the drip tray, posing a potential fire hazard. This design flaw can lead to dangerous situations, especially if the grill is used in a confined space or near flammable materials. The safety of customers is paramount, and recognizing this hazard is the first step in preventing accidents.

Details of the Recalled Models

The recalled models are the Scout and Ranger portable wood-pellet fueled grills. These grills are distinct in their design:

  • Scout Model: This model is identifiable by its curved silver handle and a temperature dial featuring mountain imagery.
  • Ranger Model: This grill has a straight silver handle and a push-button touchpad for temperature control.

Both models are approximately 21 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 13 inches high. The Scout weighs around 45 pounds, while the Ranger is slightly heavier at 60 pounds, including a cast iron griddle.

Remedy Options for Consumers

Traeger Grills offers three remedy options for those affected by this recall:

  1. Refund: Customers can opt for a full refund.
  2. Replacement: A free replacement grill can be requested.
  3. Repair: Consumers can receive a free replacement drip tray to repair the grill.

These options ensure that every consumer has a way to address the issue in a manner that suits their needs.

Contacting Traeger for Remedies

For those needing to avail these remedies, Traeger Grills can be contacted at 800-872-3437, or via email at Their customer service is available from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT, Monday through Sunday. Further information is also available on their website under the Product Safety section.

Incidents and Safety Precautions

To date, there have been six reports of grease fires in these grills. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. However, these incidents underline the importance of immediately stopping the use of the recalled grills and contacting Traeger for a remedy.

Purchase Details and Manufacturer Information

The recalled grills were available for purchase from March 2018 through July 2018, retailing between $300 and $400. Both the importer and distributor of these models is Traeger Grills, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with manufacturing done in China.

Ensuring Safety with Recalls

If you are experiencing issues with a recall remedy or believe a company is non-responsive, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers a recall complaint form for immediate action.